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Heavy-Duty On-Road

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Semi Trucks, Bobtails, Snow Plows, Garbage Trucks, Sweepers, etc.
$299.00 First Year
$170.00 Hardware
$239.00 Renewal
$25.00 Monthly

Heavy-Duty Off-Road

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Excavators, Loaders, Backhoes, Bulldozers, Road Graders, Fruit Harvesters, etc.
$299.00 First Year
$170.00 Hardware
$239.00 Renewal
$25.00 Monthly

Light & Medium

Trucks, SUVs, Cars, etc.
$299.00 First Year
$170.00 Hardware
$239.00 Renewal
$25.00 Monthly

Solar Hybrid Tracking

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Tanks, Trailers, Side by Sides, Rentals
$269.00 First Year
$130.00 Hardware
$189.00 Renewal
$20.00 Monthly

Legacy & Small Engine

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Mini Excavators, Zero Turns, Skid Steers, Equipment without diagnostic ports.
$299.00 First Year
$170.00 Hardware
$239.00 Renewal
$25.00 Monthly

Non-Powered Equipment

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$269.00 Three Year
$120.00 Hardware
$90.00 Renewal
$10.00 Monthly

*The Asset Tracker cannot be suspended.

Please Call 833-467-2967 for other options.


Premier Tracker

The Premier Tracker is capable of real-time tracking, reporting engine data, and it can be used to implement the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Hours of Service (HOS) requirements and e-Log tracking via Bluetooth.

*Some data is vehicle manufacturer dependent.

Real-Time Tracking Features

  • Records Speed & RPM
  • Oil Pressure, Temperature & Level
  • Tracks Odometer
  • Updates Several Times A Minute
  • Reports Fuel Level
  • Meets The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Hours Of Service (HOS) Requirements
  • Cellular GPS Locating
  • VIN Enabled

pro Tracker

The Pro Tracker is designed for a powerful and compact size tracker with water-resistant. It is capable of real-time tracking and ideal for aerial vehicles, utility vehicles and small engine vehicles. It provides accurate real-time information every 45 seconds.

Real-Time Tracking Features

  • Records Speed & Direction
  •  IP67 Compliant
  •  99.9% Cellular GPS Uptime
  • VIN Enabled

Solar Hybrid Tracker

The Solar Hybrid Tracker has a rechargeable battery, power harness, internal antenna and magnetic cradle for easy installation. It’s ideal for trailers, pull behinds, NH3 bars, nurse trailers and other assets. When the Solar Hybrid tracker is stationary it pings twice a day, in motion every five minutes, and if it’s connected to power you will be able to watch it ping in real-time every 20-30 seconds.

Solar Hybrid Tracking Features

  • Rechargeable Solar Battery
  • Daily Asset Tracking On Solar
  • Real-Time Tracking Plugged In
  • Magnetic Attachment Case

ASSET Tracker

The AT230 On Demand asset tracker provides daily location along with On Demand options to know where your equipment or valuables are located when you want to find its position. It’s one of the simplest ways to track equipment.

Locate On Demand Tracking Features

  • Daily Asset Tracker
  • Low Cost
  • Extremely Long Battery Life
  • Easy Installation-No Wires To Connect
  • Compact Size

elite camera

The Elite Dash Camera from Razor Tracking provides unparalleled visibility into your remote operations by improving driver safety, security, accountability, and productivity. It has built-in road and cabin-facing wide-angle lenses with GPS tracking. Razor Tracking stores all trip data, including event videos, critical events, time, and locations, for a period of up to 18 months, so even later on you can always refer back to what happened.

Benefits & features

  • Road Facing Camera
  • Cabin Facing Camera
  • Dual Record Mode
  • Live Feed Starts at Vehicle Ignition
  • Up to 256 GB of Local Storage
  • Built-in GPS Tracking
  • Plug-and-Play Installation

X6 AI Camera

The Razor Tracking X6 AI Dash Cam is designed to help you monitor your fleet and improve driver safety and accountability. The X6 Artificial Intelligence dash cam provides real-time video along with visual & audio alerts to provide safety and driver coaching for any industry. It features easy installation along with crystal-clear Ultra HD video with ultra-wide angles and excellent low-light visibility.

Event Alerts

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Driver Using Cell Phone
  • Harsh Turns
  • Harsh Brakes
  • No Seat Belt
  • Following Distance Warning
  • Panic/Privacy Button
  • Manual Request
  • Distracted Driver
  • Lane Departure
  • Quick Accelerations
  • Vehicle Shock

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We Have a >98% Customer Retention Rate

These Are Just A Few Reasons Why

Razor Tracking and John Deere are bringing industry leading technologies to their customers. Razor Tracking’s mobile and web-based platform integrates seamlessly with John Deere Operations Center and will keep you up-to-date with your vehicles and assets in near real-time; providing dispatching, increasing safety, streamlining maintenance and so much more.

Customers Average a 30% Increase In Productivity In The First 60 Days

The razor Tracking Difference

Increase Productivity

Streamline management, dispatching, driver location, and equipment performance with Razor Tracking. See an average increase in productivity of 30%.

Do More With Less

You can do more with less, and have the possibility to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating unneeded equipment.

Increase Your Service Area

In a pinch and need to get some extra work done? When efficiency is up, your team has the ability to cover more ground in less time!

Real-Time Accuracy

Fleet tracking ensures you are in the correct field, making deliveries to the right location, and increasing the transparency of performance.

Safety & Security of Your Fleet

With Razor Tracking you can receive alerts on speeding vehicles, harsh braking, and poor driving. Never lose a tank, pull cart, or trailer. Save money and gain peace of mind.

Lower Operational Costs

When your company uses fleet tracking, you can decrease load times by 50%, gas consumption by up to 15%, and unneeded employee time on IFTA reports, phone calls and dispatching.

Hear From Just A Few Of Our Happy Customers

You are one Step Closer to a More Organized, Streamlined, and Profitable Operation!

Integrates With Ops Center

Real-Time Tracking

100% Free Training

Unlimited Number of Users

Vehicle History Records

Everything Anywhere

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