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Razor Tracking Joins WInfield United's Answer Tech Portal

Fleet Management At Your Fingertips

Razor Tracking has joined the Winfield United Answer Tech Portal. An industry-leading ag technology app platform that allows agricultural managers to access decision support and management apps in one location, helping them to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and yields.

Razor Tracking’s fleet management ‘at your fingertips’ systems helps clients leverage real-time fleet and asset tracking to improve operations. Clients use the systems to realize equipment and labor efficiencies, lower fuel and equipment costs, and improve productivity. Ag managers need quick and easy-to-understand information about their fleets and equipment. Razor Tracking’s fleet management system presents accurate, real-time data front and center using easy-to-read maps and visual reporting so managers can make informed decisions quickly and with confidence.

System Features Include:

– On-demand vehicle and asset tracking

– On-demand fleet reporting

– Real-time fleet notifications

Customization for application of wet/dry fertilizer or chemical, farm delivery, grain transport, over-the-road trucking, seed delivery, and equipment delivery.


Companies typically improve efficiency by 25 – 30 percent while decreasing fuel consumption by 15 percent with a return on investment within 60 days.


Are you interested in a systems demo? Find Razor Tracking now on the Winfield United Answer Tech portal.

About Razor Tracking

Razor Tracking is a fleet management systems provider for diverse industries including agriculture, construction, and public works. Razor Tracking’s real-time fleet and asset tracking systems enable clients to increase operations efficiency, maintain schedules, and improve their bottom lines. Connect with Razor Tracking via e-mail or phone 833-GORAZOR

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