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A Fleet Management System Will Be the Best Decision You Will Ever Make

fleet Management Is The Future Of Agriculture

It’s hard to ignore the fact that technology is here to stay for businesses and will only continue to evolve. More than likely, you have already added new technologies to improve your operations, but could you be neglecting the biggest asset to your company? Your Fleet Management. Have you streamlined the management of your vehicles, equipment, and assets to make sure you are getting the most ROI out of every day?
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By 2020, almost 40% of non-privately owned commercial vehicles are expected to use fleet management systems; compared to roughly 20% in 2015. That’s a jump of nearly 20% in five years. And according to Agfunder News, “Agricultural technology adoption is increasing each year, and machinery based applications, such as navigation technologies and yield monitors, are leading the way. It appears that adoption is driven in large part by the ease of use; the easier a technology is to use; the more likely it is to be adopted.” We have found that there are commonly three reasons why most companies make the jump to implement fleet management or tracking systems. And finding a platform with ease of use affects all three.

Time is money with Fleet Management

Time is Money! Make sure you know how you spend it.

The more time you spend working, the more money your company is going to make. Its economics 101. However, working in agriculture only gives you a short window to make sure you get everything done. Therefore, it is essential that you are managing the efficiency of your fleet in real-time to make sure jobs are getting done fast enough. It all takes time, and time is money. Load-ins, load-outs, acres sprayed, and deliveries out are all part of the game. If you can manage all of these more efficiently in less time, you are going to see an increase in production.
No Paperwork with Fleet Management

Get Rid of the Paperwork with Fleet Management

If you still mess with paperwork to manage your fleet or know someone who does – you’re going to like this one! Between scale tickets, maintenance tracking, miles driven, time cards, delivery sheets, and contracts; fleet management, and tracking systems are eliminating the need to keep paperwork! There are reports for maintenance, fuel tax, as well as trips and deliveries made that are right in the system, so you don’t have to keep a paper trail.

Also, once you have a Fleet Management System, you can say goodbye to employees spending multiple hours on IFTA reports and risking inaccuracy.  Now you will be able to do timely and federally compliant tax reporting all within the system.

The reduction in paperwork will also save both time and money because the risk for logging incorrect miles is eliminated. Therefore, having the ability to bill time and deliveries accurately is an excellent enough reason. It’s safe to say, anyone who does paperwork will love using a fleet management system to track everything instantly!

Razor Ready?

Peace of Mind with Fleet Management

Fleet Management For A Peace of Mind

There isn’t a better feeling than knowing your operation is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Between the ease of use, real-time locations, reporting, and alerts in the system, you can go home at the end of the day, knowing everything is running great. Even if you’re on vacation, using the mobile app or the 24/7 web access can ease an anxious mind by checking in at any time. You have peace of mind knowing everything inside the office is running smoothly, why not have that same feeling with everything outside the office?

Making and saving more money, losing the paperwork, and peace of mind are three reasons why more companies are deciding to add fleet tracking to their operations. What would you say is stopping you from using fleet management and tracking systems? Company size? Your location? The number of vehicles you have?

Razor Tracking’s easy to use Fleet Management system is built to fit any company in the world. It will save time, reduce paperwork, and give you peace of mind. Give us a call, we would love to chat with you and show you how your company could improve using a fleet management and tracking system. What comes next could be the best decision you’ll ever make…putting Razor Tracking to work for you. Get a demo today!

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