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Yes, You Should Trust Your Employees, But Is The Feeling Mutual?

Implementing transparency tools, such as Razor Tracking is one way to make sure trust is built within your fleet.

How to Determine The Best Fleet Management System

Do you trust your employees? Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Trust is two parts, I either do, or I don’t. There is no ‘kind of trust’.” And we couldn’t agree more.

The “trust factor” is one of the Top 5 Reasons Companies don’t see a need for fleet tracking. It’s usually thought of in one of two ways…

“I trust that my employees are able to their job without me constantly watching them”.


“I trust that they have been here long enough to know exactly what to do and when to do it”.

But, there is a third part to this that most overlook.

Is the trust mutual?

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Trust & Transparency Working Together In Your Fleet Operations

Now, first know, we always agree that you should trust your employees. Simply for the fact that if you didn’t trust your employees, you wouldn’t have hired them, or keep them around.


But with that being said, just because you “trust” your employees doesn’t mean that it is a two-sided affirmation. Do you know if your employees trust you too? Is it mutually agreed upon? Or do you just “know” it is there?


Trust is something that is built over time, so while I’m sure you “know” it is there, how is that trust being communicated in the organization on a consistent basis?


Implementing transparency tools, such as Razor Tracking, is one way to make sure trust is built and kept.

Is Big Brother Watching Me?

Usually, there is a negative connotation around the idea of implementing a fleet tracking system because it must mean you don’t trust your employees. But, you would be surprised at how many employees would welcome more transparency within the company.

John Bower with Galesburg Elevator who is using Razor Tracking says, “Before we chose a tracking system, a few questions and concerns came from employees about being “watched” on their job. We tried to dispel this and moved forward with a limited number of subscriptions early last year. By midyear, the employees wanted to add it to our propane division. Everyone is happy. It is simple to use and does what it says.” John was able to discover firsthand how more transparency was welcomed in the workplace instead of feared.  

According to Glassdoor, “When an organization is more transparent with their employees they tend to be more successful. This type of environment leaves employees feeling valued. They are encouraged to be creative and share their input. Transparency fosters a type of comfort that allows employees to communicate effectively and thus progress.”

“The simplest definition of a transparent workplace is operating in a way that creates openness between managers and employees.”

Trust and transparency together can help build a more efficient operation. Implementing a transparency tool like Razor Tracking can help your organization build more trust and assure it is mutually kept there. 

3 Ways Razor Tracking Can Help Build Organizational Trust With More Transparency

1. Consistent Validation of Vehicle Location

Having the ability to quickly pull up a map and see where all your vehicles and equipment are will give both you, employees, and dispatch the ability to make better decisions on the fly.

Creating a transparent organization for everyone to be able to see who is working where and what they are doing will create an environment of accountability, trust, and accomplishment for everyone to see.

Being able to have all that knowledge and information at your fingertips will also give you reassurance that yes, your people do know what’s going on!


2. Authentic Time Reports

With the numerous reports for timing that Razor Tracking has, you can double check time cards at the end of the week or month to make sure payroll is accurate. By using the reports, you can see when a vehicle first started, when it started moving, or when it got to a job site.

By using these reports to match time cards, you can be sure that you aren’t either underpaying or overpaying an employee. It creates trust and transparency in both you and your employees that they are honest and you can correct any mistakes if they are made.

Also, how great would it make your company look if you were able to give Rick an extra $200 on his next paycheck because you found that he missed a few hours? He could take his family out to a great dinner all because of your efficiently run operations!


3. Verification of Work History 

With Razor Tracking, you are able to go back in time to see work completed. If you need to go back two months and see if a delivery got made or a field got completed, you can pull that report up if need be.

But you ask, how is this going to build more trust and transparency in my organization? Let’s say, a customer comes in and says something didn’t get done on time? You now have the knowledge right at your fingertips to convey a positive message through transparency to show your customers that your employees completed the work. This will just solidify your trust in your employees and in the process, flow through to your customers. 

So, set aside the fear that if you implement a tracking tool that you are going to look like an employer who doesn’t trust their employees and start to realize that in order to be an employer who values trust, that transparency is key for continued mutual trust and success. 

Razor Tracking is a company that builds trust and transparency to help operational efficiency. It is a tool that organizations are using as a way to get more done and increase customer satisfaction. Get a Demo Today, so we can show you how it can positively affect your company. Check out more Client Success Stories. 

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