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3 Event Alerts To Protect Your Fleet

Are you looking to correct speeders, cut down on idle time, or maybe you’re looking for movement alerts after regular business hours, or alerts letting you know when someone is within 5 miles of the yard? Check out Razor Tracking’s Event Alert options, a great tool for keeping your fleet safe and sound.

After Hours Movement Alerts

After Hours Movement alerts can be set up to notify you about any vehicles moving when they shouldn’t be. The hours can vary per day or even be set for an entire weekend. These alerts can come as an email or text message, with no limit to the number of people receiving the alerts.

These alerts can be set up in your Event Alerts section on your Razor Tracking account for no additional cost! Check out After Hours Movement alerts for added security during your fleet’s non-operating hours!

Idle Time Event Alerts

Idling alerts are an excellent set of alerts to reduce the amount of idling your fleet does. You can receive Idle Time alerts for multiple lengths of idles, whether over 1 hour or less than 5 minutes. The threshold value for Idle Time alerts is an open value, allowing you to decide and change the threshold as needed. These alerts can come to you via email or text; you could even receive both alerts! There is also no limit to the number of people able to receive these alerts.

If you want to better track your fleet’s idle times, check out Idle Time alerts in your Event Alerts section!

Geofence Event Alerts

Geofencing Alerts are an excellent tool for many things, whether knowing when a job is complete, matching up vehicles, or alerting your home base that a vehicle is coming back. You can choose any already created POI or Geofence and any vehicle or vehicle group to attach to this alert. These alerts allow you to be more efficient by knowing your vehicles have completed a stop or the ability to provide the alert status to customers showcasing the vehicle entered and exited their location. This alert can also cut down on turnaround time for loading vehicles to send back on the road by creating an alert for a vehicle within a specified distance of your home base.

There is no limit to whom can receive these alerts, and the alerts can be received via email, text messages, or even both! Check out Geofence Alerts today!

If you have any questions about the event alert features please email

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