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3 Reasons to Track Your Vehicles & Equipment

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Everyday you can’t see exactly how your vehicles are moving inside your company is another day you are spending unnecessary money. We have been proven to save 10% on each vehicle tracked. Don’t miss the opportunity to control every aspect of your vehicles. Here are 3 reasons to implement this in your company before your competition does.

1. Increase Efficiency

We know we all hire the best people for our company and they know exactly where to go and when to go there. With Razor Tracking we are not selling “big brother is watching you”. We allow our companies to see exactly what their vehicles and equipment are doing at any given second of the day in real-time. Direction, speed, time and location. With this information you are able to dispatch faster, load and unload faster, better plan routes, determine how long it took you at each stop and each field. There will be no more waiting in the yard anymore. You will now be able to see exactly how far your vehicles are from your location every second of the day.

2. Decrease Fuel Costs

Idling vehicles burn fuel— unnecessary fuel, which means unnecessary cost. Being able to see how long your vehicles are idling versus how long they are actually running will save you 10-15% of your fuel bill each season. Razor Tracking will show you down to the second how long your vehicles are idling each day, week, or month.

3. Increase Area Served & Customer Service

Being able to determine down to the second and getting an alert the moment your vehicle is within a few miles of your yard means you can now pre-load and prep for the next.  Being able to cut wait time and being able to move equipment faster will result in more deliveries made and more acres serviced, which means more profit for the company.

Razor Tracking is the answer to more efficiency, lowering your fuel bill, and increasing profit.

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