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Razor Tracking Introduces a Driver Safety Scorecard

Your senior driver also substitutes as the trainer for new drivers.  How do you know your senior driver is changing the driver safety culture within your organization?

Perusing through the internet for safety scorecard, you’ll see numerous articles on why having one at your company will increase safety and morale within your organization. So, there is enough information out there to safely say that you will increase safety while also decreasing your insurance costs, idle times, and aggressive driving.

However, just by having a scorecard does not guarantee any success. You need to understand how to put these data points into your operation and improve your overall safety. Razor Tracking has done most of this work for you and below we will help guide you along in how to make your organization safety-minded. Our Scorecard monitors Mileage, Drive Time, Idling, and Aggressive Driving.

Monitor Mileage

Whether you are required to follow FMCSA requirements or have internal policies regarding miles, Razor Tracking allows you to grade the number of miles per day for your vehicles. Research will show that most drivers like the idea of using a driver safety scorecard as they know the company cares about their safety.  High mileage can increase the chance of a vehicle crash and driver injury. Refreshed drivers are more likely to be more positive of the company which results in less turnover and a better culture along with a reduction of violations and general mistakes.

Drive Time

Drive Time is important to those operations that are either off-highway driving or delivery companies where exceeding mileage isn’t a concern, but vehicle operation time can be long. Drive Time can impact driver fatigue similar to mileage. Understanding this fatigue using the Razor Tracking Safety Scorecard can improve efficiencies and increase driver moral by keeping a pulse on Drive Time scores. Reviewing low scores can allow you to ask questions with the driver about what may be causing the high drive time hours. Are you waiting longer than needed at delivery? Is road construction increasing operation time? Using the history tracking on the vehicle to see if there are ways to improve dispatch options to find optimized routing. By doing simple adjustments in routing and delivery times may result in a reduction of fuel costs and driving time while also improving customer and driver satisfaction.

Decrease idle Times

Idle times, while not directly related to safety, can also be an indicator of excess fuel burn and potentially an increase in operations time for the driver. Observing idle times should allow you drill down the root cause of these times. What is causing the sprayer to idle for long periods? Are they waiting too long to be topped off? Were the winds for a sprayer operation high that day? These types of questions could improve your operation. In the winter, idle times can be adjusted to allow operators to warm up the vehicle and not exceed the idle times. This should not be an open invitation to idle for 45 mins to warm up the cab because as fuel costs may hurt your bottom line.



Improve Aggressive Driving

Aggressive Driving is one of the main questions we get regarding the scorecard. What causes the driver to be failing? These scores are reflected based on hard coded data within the tracking devices. The number of events is what can be adjusted. The cause of these events can be harsh braking, acceleration, hard turns, and shock. They can be a result of bad roads, aging brakes/shocks, driving conditions, but may also be an indicator of bad driving habits. Would you want your worst driver teaching your new drivers? What kind of culture would that be promoting? Just because a driver has been around a long time, doesn’t mean they are necessarily safe. Understanding the root cause of these events and asking the right questions will not only improve driver safety, but also build the right culture for new and existing employees alike.

Each operation is unique and even the needs of each department can differ. Razor Tracking has designed a scorecard that can be molded to each type of operation. Working with the Razor Tracking team, we can assist in understanding the scorecard while also helping you ask the right questions.

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