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Worried About Upsetting Your Employees Using Fleet Tracking?

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Have you thought about how your employees will react if you implement a fleet tracking system? Will they hate you? Or will they just up and leave? Well if you have asked those questions this will give you 5 tools you can use to make sure you don’t have anyone quit on you when you start tracking your company vehicles.

1. Give Them A Heads Up About Your Fleet Management System

In my experience the worst thing you could do is keep it a secret. Treat this like any other policy you have put into place in the past. Share with your employees that the decision has been made to put in a fleet tracking system. Yes, as the manager or owner you will get grief from the veterans along the lines of trust, they don’t need a big brother, and more one liners that will poke fun at you not trusting them. But, giving them time to soak in the information, and preparing themselves with the reality that they will have a tracker in their truck or vehicle will be better than telling them Monday morning that you can watch every move they make.

2. Explain How Fleet Tracking WIll Benefit The Company

Giving the employees an explanation of why the company is doing this will only justify your decision. List and share every benefit the company will be getting. Put it in an email or a newsletter that gets handed out. If you are a smaller company, have a team meeting one day to discuss the benefits and values. If your staff see that you are putting in a system for the benefit of the company they will understand you will be using this to grow and not to sit in your desk and make sure Rodger didn’t take a thirty minute break at 9:07 am.

3. Explain How Fleet Management Will Benefit Them

Show your employees that this is a way for them to justify and prove just how hard and long they have worked. This will eliminate the water cooler conversation of “I don’t know why so and so is getting paid the same I am. Last week I put double the time and miles in than he did”. Show them the reports you can run to make sure that everyone is getting held accountable. From the employees I’ve had conversations with at companies that have a GPS system in place, they love it. It keeps everyone honest and it shows you who is actually working harder and doing the most. Everyone loves the “what’s in it for me” result. Show them what’s in it for them, and they will be on the same page you are.

4. Share The Information That You Find About Fleet Tracking. The Good, And The Bad.

After you start to see what you can change to make your company better, and start to know what to look for, share that information with your employees. Show them that the work they are doing is getting recorded and is making a difference. They know that  the harder they work the better off the company is. Show them the numbers to support their hard work. On the other hand, don’t forget to share the results that need some extra attention. If your employees see the areas they need to improve on, more often than not they will improve.

5. Reward Employees For Good Results With Your New Fleet Management Platform

Want to keep your employees’ good work up past the first week? Set up an incentive program. For example: there is an activity report you can run at the end of each week that will tell you how many hours a vehicle idled. Why not set up a goal of 8 hours of idle time per vehicle in a week? Any one who stays under 8 hours will get some bonus or prize. At least your employees know that if they are going to cooperate with GPS fleet tracking they are going to get something out of it.

You now you have 5 different ways you can bring up fleet tracking to your customers, but before you can use these 5 ideas you need a GPS company to go with.

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