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Fleet Tracking Misconception


The biggest misconception about Fleet Tracking is that the system is a "big brother is watching" way of managing a business that has a fleet of equipment or fleet of vehicles. This idea couldn't be farther from the truth. The fact is, fleet tracking is about managing and tracking assets that were bought to be used on company time, not employees.

Take one second to envision the following scenarios as a business owner or manager. Think about being able to see your entire operation moving on a screen in real-time. The ability to see where your next tender truck is coming back to load, or your delivery truck is. Now you can start to pre-load so when it arrives they can leave in half the time, allowing you to cover more acreage or deliver to more locations. Think about having a customer call with an emergency. Instead of calling every one of your employees to see where they are, in seconds you will know who is closest and be able to dispatch them to that residence or business. What about never missing a maintenance call on a vehicle, getting a text message that you have an oil change coming up? What about promoting safe driving, efficient route driving, and lowering fuel costs? Not to mention trailers that sit out unattended on construction sites for days on end. What do a few trailers full of tools cost to replace, or perhaps a stolen vehicle?

GPS tracking far more than a spying on employees during work hours system. It is a 100% fleet management, efficiency increasing, cost cutting, asset protecting, know-what-is-going-on-100%-of-the-time system. I encourage anyone who has company vehicles to look at what GPS tracking can do for your business.

Trust me, when you see what this system can do, you are going to be surprised when you see that it truly is far more than "big brother".

Give me a call or shoot me an email if you want to find out how fleet tracking can benefit your business.  701-945-1400,or

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