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Nationwide Premium Partner Program Overview

Razor Tracking has partnered with Nationwide to develop a program to help increase the safety of your fleet drivers and decrease the cost of your business operations with real-time telematics data and reporting. Through Razor Tracking’s in-depth data and reporting, farm and fleet managers will become more efficient, reduce speeding, receive real-time alerts, and ride shotgun from anywhere!

Nationwide is a separate company from and not affiliated with Razor Tracking. Nationwide does not make any warranties about this information and disclaims all liability as to the content or material, the accuracy of the information, and workmanship or the quality of products and services provided by Razor Tracking.

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How Razor Tracking's Safety Driven Telematics Works


Reduce maintenance and optimize the routes of your drivers to reduce wear on your fleet.

drive Time

Identify when drivers can start optimizing their routes, instead of taking the long way!

Idle Time

Limit long load times, and make sure that your vehicles are on the road making money, not spending it.

aggressive Driving

Harsh brakes and accelerations will drive this grade down.

vehicle history report

With our Vehicle History Report feature you are able to dial in on any vehicle or asset’s location, direction, speed, status and path for a selected timeframe. We also keep 18-months of data in the system, and securely store everything else, forever, just in case.

Vehicle Tracking

Razor Tracking’s real-time tracking is available from the Current Tracking feature with live reporting of your entire fleet. When you click on a vehicle icon with a dash camera, see a live report of the camera feed. Our AT230 On Demand Asset Tracker is one of the simplest ways to track your fleet or assist in theft recovery of your equipment. It’s compact size and daily location ping features are ideal for any industry.

Dash Camera
History Reporting

In the Dash Cameras feature, you are able to see event alerts and request an HD video of any incident. Also, from the Current Tracking you’re able to click on any tail-point of a dash camera-enabled vehicle for a media request.  The X6 AI DashCamera provides alerts for cell phone usage, seat belt detection, distracted
driving, collision warning, and many more.


Fleet Safety Scorecard

The Safety Scorecard will be your best tool to improve performance and reward your safest drivers. The default date range is nine days, and our agile fleet management software is able to adjust your safety scorecard to any range you need!


Receive real-time alerts when vehicles and assets enter or exit geofences and monitor your most trafficked points of interest. Our After Hours alerts are also the best deterrent you have against theft.

vehicle & equipment inspections

Your pre and post-trip inspections on vehicles and equipment will help you stay on top of the on-going maintenance and repairs of your fleet. In addition, you’re able to use this tool for buildings, silos, tanks and more!

Are You Razor Ready?

To get started with the Nationwide Premium Partner Program, please give us a call, send us an email, or fill out this form to speak with a fleet tracking representative.