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Agriculture Fleet Tracking & Asset Management At Its Finest

Planting, Spraying & Harvesting Will Never Be The Same With A Tracked Agriculture Fleet.

Tracking Your Agricultural Fleet Means That You Can Service 500 Acres In The 30% Less Time.​

Are You Razor Ready?

Tracking Your Fleet Increases Your Efficiency by An Average of 30%

Schedule, Dispatch & Coordinate Your Fleet

Streamline management, dispatching, driver location, and equipment performance with Razor Tracking. Know where your fleet is, always.

Increased Efficiency Means Less Equipment

Fleet tracking means you can do more with less, and have the possibility to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating unneeded farming equipment.

The Ultimate Agriculture Operations Tool

With Razor Tracking, you have the ability to provide the best service or increase your service area is what will help carry your company into the future.

Want to Learn More About Our Agriculture Fleet Tracking & Operations Management?